KRUSH Salted Egg Keropok 100g x 5

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KRUSH Salted Egg Keropok ups the level of shiokness through sheer handmade goodness.

We make ours with Ikan Tamban, a herring that is found in abundance in the South China Sea and sun-dried into delicious rounds of fish crackers by local fishermen that live with their nets on floating villages. Utterly charming and as fresh as freshness can be in this age. 

Tossing these into a Delish-worthy moment of curry leaves, crinkled and sparkling in the woks with dried birds-eye chillies, the snack comes to the fore and not for the faint of heart with one of the most raucous of spice ratings. 

Try it if you dare and even if you don't because this is one rendition of the ever popular salted egg snack that has caught many a wandering imagination into a true foodie love ode. 

#KRUSH the moment, be back for more and tell the world. 

Please note that our KRUSH Salted Egg Keropok comes in a bag of 5 packets.

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This product contains traces of nuts, dairy and shellfish.